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Give back to the climate adaptation field and help shape its future.

The ASAP network runs on the power and dedication of volunteers. THANK YOU for contributing to this community and to the adaptation field.

ASAP members have volunteered
times in the past 3 years

2020 Federal Messaging Campaign

The 2020 Federal Messaging Campaign mobilizes ASAP members to contact their representatives and other key members of congress to advocate for inclusion of climate resilience and climate change adaptation measures in federal bills, particularly COVID-19 related response and economic stimulus.

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The 2020 Federal Messaging Campaign is an initiative of the ASAP Policy Practice Group. Contact Gabriel Henderson at to get involved.

Thank you to our Task Team Members!

Task Team Members (Team Leads*): Heidi Bulich, Stephanie Dalke, Gavin Dillingham, Tom Eisele, Josh Foster, Miles Gordon*, Angie Hacker, Gabriel Henderson*, Rachel Jacobson, Jason Liechty, Deanne Moran, Anna McGinn*, Jeffrey Meek, Sara Moore, Dalia Munenzon, John Phillips*, Jen Shin, Joel Smith*.

Member Led Groups

ASAP's Member-Led Groups, including virtual member-led interest groups and in-person Hubs, are the heart of our membership network - and they couldn't function without volunteer leaders and co-chairs.

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2020 Member-Led Interest Groups will kick off in the new year and many groups will be recruiting new leadership. Join the Member-Led Interest Group Orientation to learn more.

Thank you to all our 2019 and 2020 group leaders and co-chairs!

Leaders: Angie Hacker, Gabriel Henderson, Jake Pollack, Justine Shapiro-Kline, Lily Swanbrow Becker, Melissa Ocana, Patrick Marchman, Susi Moser, Emily Wasley, Maggie Ernest Johnson, Melissa Goodman, Ruby Woodside, Sebastian Malter, Josh Foster, and John Phillips

Mentorship Program

The ASAP Mentorship Program connects emerging climate resilience and adaptation professionals with accomplished ASAP members. The program provides a nine-month framework for engagement focused around the needs of the mentee, and gives the mentor an opportunity to share their professional knowledge, experience, and network. 

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Mentor and mentee recruitment occurs annually in early fall. Email  for more information.

Thank you to our co-chairs and mentors!

Co-chairs: Monica Gregory and Katharine Stover


Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Steering Committee

The ASAP Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Steering Committee provides education and support for ASAP members to integrate JEDI into their adaptation work. It also provides accountability and insight to ASAP as an organization as it seeks to model JEDI principles in its management and programs.

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This advisory group meets monthly. Check the ASAP Calendar for meeting times! Email for more information or if you'd like to join.

Thank you to our steering committee members!

Steering Committee Leadership Team: Galen Treuer, Shameika Hanson, and Vanessa Lueck


Professional Education Member Advisory Group

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Check the ASAP Calendar for meeting times! This group is accepting new members, email Rachel Jacobson if you'd like to join. 

Thank you to the Knowledge and Competencies Framework subgroup!

Subgroup members: Josh Foster, Chris Swanston, Derek Kauneckis, and Ned Gardiner

Registry Project Working Group

ASAP and our partners at EcoAdapt and the Geos Institute are creating a process for connecting climate adaptation service providers with service seekers. The Registry will help you articulate your experience, expertise, and skills in a way that is consistent across the field, making it easier for potential clients and collaborators to find you and learn about how you can help them build climate resilience. Guided by ASAP's Living Guide on the Principles of Climate Adaptation, working group members advise on the development of the Registry tool and process. 

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This working group is currently closed. Email Rachel Jacobson for more information.

Thank you to our members!

Code of Ethics Working Group

The ASAP Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics was developed by ASAP members and adopted in 2017.

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This working group is currently inactive. 

Thank you to all of our members responsible!


The Resilience Dialogues

The Resilience Dialogues is a public-private collaboration that works to build climate-resilient communities through facilitated dialogues among scientists, practitioners, and community leaders. ASAP and the U.S. Global Change Research Program work in close coordination on the design, development, and implementation of this effort, along with support from the American Geophysical Union's Thriving Earth Exchange, the Meridian Institute, and other public and private entities.

Thank you to our facilitators and subject matter experts!