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ASAP’s Mission is to support and connect climate adaptation professionals to advance innovation in the field of practice. ASAP is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization.

Adaptation professionals across North America are connecting on ASAP. See what people are saying about the benefits of being a member.

Megan OGrady - Stratus Consulting
Megan O’Grady | Stratus Consulting
Boulder, CO

“ASAP helps me stay on top of the innovations in the adaptation field so I can tailor my knowledge to fit clients’ needs.”

Lisa Lin - City of Houston
Lisa Lin | City of Houston
Houston, TX

“I joined ASAP to learn about the latest efforts in adaptation planning in other cities.”

Ben Alexander - Headwaters Economics
Ben Alexander | Headwaters Economics
Bozeman, MT

“ASAP provides the quickest way for me to stay networked and keep up with the best adaptation science and practice.”

John Bolduc - City of Cambridge
John Bolduc | City of Cambridge
Cambridge, MA

“ASAP connects me with emerging practice of planning and preparing for climate change, which is an urgent matter for all of us.”

Susanne Moser - Moser Research and Consulting
Susanne Moser | Moser Research & Consulting
Santa Cruz, CA

“It’s people who create change. That’s why I am a member of ASAP.”

Missy Stults | University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

“The opportunity ASAP provides to meaningfully engage with thought leaders and practical experts in adaptation is unparalleled.”

 Board of Directors

Sharing a common goal of climate resilience, the ASAP Board of Directors provides leadership to ASAP Affinity Groups and supports the primary vision of our platform: connecting and supporting people. The ASAP Board of Directors, together with the ASAP Executive Director ensure ASAP meets its US 501(c)3 Nonprofit obligations.

Members of the ASAP Board of Directors

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Eric Mielbrecht | EcoAdapt

I am an EcoAdapt co-founder and specialize in assessing anthropogenic stresses and the risks they pose to the natural and built environment. I am particula... [Read More]

Steve Adams | Institute for Sustainable Communities

Lead for ISC\'s domestic adaptation portfolio which includes capacity building, field building and direct engagement projects around the US

Josh Foster | Consultant

Josh has over 25 years of experience working on climate change science and policy in the federal and non-profit sectors including over 20 years working on ... [Read More]

Joyce Coffee | Climate Resilience Consulting

Joyce Coffee, Climate Resilience Consulting founder, has 20 years of domestic and international experience in the corporate, government and non-profit sect... [Read More]

Jennifer Jurado | BrowardCounty

Our Division coordinates environmental planning and community resilience initiatives for Broward County, FL on a regional basis through policy, planning, a... [Read More]

Jessica Grannis | Georgetown Climate Center

I work on the law and policy of coastal adaptation, and manage the adaptation program at the Georgetown Climate Center

Missy Stults | Climate Adaptation and Resilience Specialist

I am an independent contractor currently supporting the Science to Action Community of Practice, multiple Great Lakes cities with designing a universal vul... [Read More]

Official Sponsors of ASAP

The American Society of Adaptation Professionals is supported by the Institute for Sustainable Communities with funding from the Kresge Foundation and the MacArthur Foundation.

Institute for Sustainable

Bringing together best practices from the public & private sector, ISC uses creative, flexible training and mentoring to help communities produce breakthrough results.


The Kresge

The Kresge Foundation is a private, national foundation that supports activities to help communities prepare for and limit the consequences of climate change.



The MacArthur Foundation strengthens institutions, helps improve public policy, and proves the information to the public, primarily through support for public interest media.


Partners in Adaptation

ASAP develops key partnerships with content providers to engage our membership with the latest news, events and opportunities in climate adaptation. Together, we are closing the gaps through partnership with new and existing providers.


Georgetown Climate Center

The nonpartisan Georgetown Climate Center seeks to advance effective climate, energy, and transportation policies in the United States – policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help communities adapt to climate change.


Climate Access

Climate Access is a global network of climate and clean energy communicators, serving more than 2,000 members in 57 countries providing the knowledge that network practitioners need to take their communications to the next level.



The Forest Service’s Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC) connects land managers across the United States with current, relevant science that can be used in climate change adaptation planning and implementation.

We know we’re better together.