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The American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP) supports and connects professionals to better prepare for climate change. ASAP helps members strengthen their professional network, exchange best practices and practical advice, and accelerate innovation-all leading to a more equitable and effective climate adaptation practice.

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Adaptation Innovations

Walnut Way Conservation Corp: Blue Skies Landscaping

In Lindsay Heights, an African American neighborhood in Milwaukee, WI. Walnut Way Conservation Corp. is building community resilience through their program, Blue Skies Landscaping. Specializing in green infrastructure projects, Blue Skies focuses on beautifying vacant lots, residential, and commercial properties while reducing storm water pollution. Walnut Way employs community members, leading to economic opportunity in…
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Resilient DC: A Strategy to Thrive in the Face of Change

DC is boldly moving their resilience strategy forward. After two years of iterative engagement with residents, the capital city’s unique approach includes one of our ...
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Fayette and Kanawha Counties Improve CRS Ratings

West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM) recently recognized the counties of Fayette and Kanawha in their efforts towards fostering more disaster-resistant ...
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Mentee Yilin Lai Giltinan is a community-adaptation-planner with a focus on transferring climate data and a community's adapting capacity into an integrated Urban-Heat-Island adaptation strategy and urban design. Yilin has a background in landscape architecture and received a MS.c in Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design from the University of Stuttgart, Germany. During this time she collaborated with climate engineering firm Transsolar in a climate passive urban design project and with Fraunhofer Institute of Industrial Engineering for a bottom-up heat-health adaptation plan Yilin was able to thoroughly learn what roles build environment, policy and individual behavior plays in heat resilience. Right after Yilin's transition to the USA in June 2021, she soon identified the need for her to be familiar with ...
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ADAPTATION VOICES: Climate Change and the Built Environment – Acting as a Collective Whole

This is a featured blog by ASAP Member Lisa Churchill. "Many of us can point to a time in our lives that influenced what we ...
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MENTORSHIP SPOTLIGHT: Making Space for Long-Term Career Visioning

Mentee Cameron (Cami) Ramey has a background in climate adaptation, community resilience, and climate change communications. Cami has supported a number of nonprofits with policy ...
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