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Together, we can make our communities, ecosystems and economies safer and more resilient.

The American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP) supports and connects professionals to better prepare for climate change. ASAP helps members strengthen their professional network, exchange best practices and practical advice, and accelerate innovation-all leading to a more equitable and effective climate adaptation practice.

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ASAP members are planners working to make communities safer, policy makers on both sides of the aisle, young professionals just starting out in a climate-related field, researchers testing and answering climate questions and many more!


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What can I do? Personal and household behaviors that can support adaptation

Though it’s finally starting to cool down, this summer was the hottest on record in the Northern Hemisphere. In both July and August, large parts of the United States experienced heat waves that brought temperatures near and above 100 degrees F for days on end. If you live in these areas, you may have gotten notices like this one from DTE…
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Mentorship Spotlight: The Power of Long-Term Planning

Mentee Nathan Stinnette is a sustainability consultant and project manager with Reynolds, Smith & Hills Inc., based in Jacksonville, Florida. Within the RS&H environmental and sustainability ...
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Mentorship Spotlight: Urbanized Coastal Adaptation

Mentee Melanie Lander is an environmental planner with a specialization in coastal resiliency. She has worked for the Hawaii Coastal Zone Management Program since 2017 and ...
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