ASAP to Support the National Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Technical Assistance Center

The American Society of Adaptation Professionals will collaborate with the Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC) and Atma Connect to engage with one of three national Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Technical Assistance Centers (EJ TCTACs) developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy. 

The goal of the TCTAC program is to remove institutional barriers and to improve accessibility to federal funding for disinvested communities impacted by decades of structural environmental injustice. Our national EJ TCTAC will work alongside the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) and the National Indian Health Board (NIHB) to support the regional EJ TCTACs designated by the EPA. 

In partnership with ISC and Atma Connect, ASAP will strengthen and enhance the capacity of regional TCTACs, local environmental advocates and their leadership, individual and aggregate communities and technical assistance providers by delivering needs-based, virtual, and in-person engagement, as well as coordinated activities, communications, tools, and place-centric resources. The current funding period for the TCTAC is five years (2023-2028).

What We Will Do as a National EJ TCTAC

  • Leverage our networks of local governments (ICMA), non-profits (ISC), tribal communities (NIHB), community leaders, and public health and environmental justice advocates to scale solutions nationally.
  • Support regional EJ TCTACs by conducting needs assessments, 
  • Assist with training, and provide resources, technical assistance (TA), and opportunities for peer learning.
  • Accelerate the dissemination of successful tools, models, best practices, and resources. 
  • Develop efficient systems to maximize the delivery of TA for regional EJ TCTACs that represent EPA regions, including national platforms, databases, and resource libraries for the regional EJ TCTACs and communities. 
  • Convene TA summits to support the needs of the network and represent the EJ TCTAC network at national conferences.
  • Provide additional technical support to communities in ways that supplement and support the regional centers.
  • Raise awareness and engagement by engaging key stakeholder groups through our online platform, conferences, events, resources, and training.

In addition, ASAP will leverage our established peer learning groups, networks, and expertise in funding and finance, and related TA expertise, in support of the National EJ TCTAC. ASAP expects to coordinate ASAP Members in conjunction with ASAP’s Funding and Finance Group, which will lead ongoing content development work specific to funding opportunities through the National TCTAC web platform. This effort will track federal funding opportunities, translate and communicate such opportunities to communities, and design a tracker platform with the capabilities to interface with other funding opportunity trackers. ASAP will create peer-learning strategies for each regional TCTAC and, throughout the lifespan of the grant, (1) create and deliver training; (2) deploy a nationwide network of service providers; and (3) engage and support communities in their efforts to access and employ federal funds what support environmental, energy and climate work.

For more information about the EJ TCTAC, visit the program webpage or contact ASAP’s Communications Manager, Kyla Bloyer, at

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Atma Connect is an award-winning, non-profit technology organization that specializes in creating web-based platforms that reach last-mile communities, enable localization, and drive support and funding to smaller organizations.

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