Explore ASAP’s Peer Learning Groups in 2023

Last week ASAP announced this year’s Peer Learning Groups! Keep reading to explore the groups and sign up to receive vital monthly updates and calendar invites. If you have questions or need help finding the right group for you, join one of our ASAP 101 Orientation sessions or connect with ASAP’s Program Manager, Breana Nehls.

*- indicates groups that were voted in via ASAP’s Member-Led Interest Group formation process. Thanks to everyone that voted and submitted groups!

Funding and Finance Group – next meeting, January 23 at 12 PM ET
Focuses on defining strategies to help small and medium-sized local governments in the U.S. integrate key characteristics into their climate resilience projects to make them fundable. Register here.

Climate Migration and Managed Retreat – next meeting, January 25 at 4 PM ET
This group is a discussion and networking space for those interested in topics related to climate migration and managed retreat. Contact Barrett Ristroph at barrett@ristrophlaw.com to join.

Convening Climate Collaborators – next meeting, January 26 at 12 PM ET
January is this group’s final meeting as an ASAP MLIG. The group welcomes ASAP member, Ann Goodman, Ph.D., who will share highlights from her book about collaborative solutions in the climate adaptation field. Register here.

Community Adaptation Learning Exchange– next meeting, January 26 at 12 PM ET
January’s session focuses on building the business case for climate adaptation with a presentation by Shalini Vajjhala, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of re:focus partners. Register here.

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee’s Community of Practice– next meeting, January 27 at 3 PM ET
In January we will discuss (In)effective Community Engagement for Just Outcomes. Contact Galen Treuer (gtreuer@gmail.com) to join.

Private Sector Adaptation Professionals– next meeting, February 1 at 4 PM ET
Join the Private Sector Prime Sub-Group which uses a co-opetition model to pursue adaptation projects together. Contact Jim Fox (jfox@fernleaf.us) to join.

*Policy Practice Group– next meeting, February 3 at 1 PM ET
February’s meeting focuses on ASAP’s sixth policy priority “Establish government-wide coordination and lasting authority to enact, act on, and evaluate progress on climate resilience priorities.” Register here.

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee’s Accountability Group– next meeting, February 8 at 12:30 PM ET
This group is as a sounding board for ASAP Staff and members to ensure that our work holds up and celebrates our JEDI Commitments. Contact Sharon Hausam (sharonhausam1@gmail.com) to join.

Network of Networks– next meeting, February 10 at 1 PM ET
This is a community for those who coordinate and lead existing adaptation networks, collaboratives, and groups to share ideas and benefit from a supportive community of peers. Register here.

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee– next meeting, April 17 at 12 PM ET
This group meets quarterly. Join us in April for a panel focused on storytelling for adaptation and resilience. Register here.

Nature Based Solutions Group– next meeting TBA
This group highlights promising practices for nature-based coastal resilience work and is part of a partnership with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s National Coastal Resilience Fund (NCRF). Register here.

Professional Opportunities in Adaptationnext meeting TBA
This group convenes those who are job searching, pivoting careers, or seeking other professional opportunities in the adaptation field. Register here.

*Adaptation & Vulnerabilities: Centering People, Homes, and Things we Love– meeting time TBA
This group brings together people of all backgrounds and identities to create the foundation for transformative adaptation solutions by listening deeply, engaging creatively, and shifting power to the people and communities experiencing the worst consequences of climate change. Register here.

*Rural Regional (Climate Adaptation and Mitigation) Collaboratives– meeting time TBA
Members of this group identify common challenges and opportunities typical for rural contexts, share resources and work collaboratively to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Register here.

R*ECO*NNECT– This third iteration of R*ECO*NNECT builds on a long history of ASAP personal resilience-oriented member groups and will begin in April 2023, with details on this year’s area of focus, schedule, and registration process forthcoming. Please email Lily Swanbrow Becker (ljswanbrow@gmail.com) or Susi Moser (promundi@susannemoser.com), to be added to a contact list for the coming year.

See you at a meeting soon!