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When you become a member of ASAP, you get access to our resources as well as our network of professionals who are tackling climate change challenges every day, just like you. Download our brochure.

When you become a member of ASAP, you get access to our resources as well as our network of professionals who are tackling climate change challenges every day, just like you.

Why Join ASAP?

Here is what current Members have to say about the ASAP Network

  • ASAP created focus and structure for engagement and helped me make new connections as well as learn about current practice 
  • The meeting facilitation by ASAP was the best I've seen on any virtual platform. The regular email updates on happenings (e.g., funding, jobs, meetings, opportunities) are excellent - very much appreciated. 
  • I could not have accomplished participating in member groups, authoring field building resources, creating professional practice guidance in another venue. There is no other venue that I'm aware of working on these same issues.

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  • Join ASAP Advisory Groups and Working Groups tackling topics like justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, professional education, and more. 
  • Author professional guidance resources that inform curricula, procurement processes, and climate policy.
  • Add your name to ASAP speaker list to share your expertise and insights at events

Want to learn more? Join an ASAP 101: Know Your Network orientation session!

Join us to learn everything you ever wanted to know about ASAP! Learn how to engage in member programs, explore how ASAP can advance your career, and dive into organizational strategic planning, finance, and governance.

ASAP 101 sessions are offered bi-monthly and require registration.

What’s the price of membership?

We offer two forms of membership to tap into the ASAP Network: Individual and Organizational Membership.

Individual Membership Pricing:
Professional Membership - $150 Annually
Student Membership - $50 Annually

Pay What You Can Membership - Cost should not be a barrier to join ASAP and receive the benefits that come from being part of the ASAP Network! We offer a "pay-what-you-can" model which can be accessed at checkout.

Need help? Contact Breana Nehls

Organizational Membership

When an organization, institution or company joins ASAP you extend the benefits of membership to your staff, clients and colleagues. Organizational Membership ensures that you have a hand in both building the adaptation field and benefiting from the resources and knowledge that come from ASAP membership.

All Organizational Membership Packages are custom built to meet the needs of your team and highlight the expertise you bring to the field. Contact ASAP Executive Director Beth Gibbons to get started.

Organizational Membership Packages Include:

  • Individual Member benefits extended to staff, clients, and colleagues 
  • Your resources, products, and accomplishments promoted throughout the adaptation field
  • Training for staff and clients on principles of adaptation and resilience
  • Discounts at conferences including adaptation and resilience events and in the aligned fields of sustainability, planning, engineering and more!

Annual Membership Package Examples

Examples of Custom-Added Benefits

  • Sponsorship of specific ASAP Program (eg. Mentorship Program by Climate Resilience Consulting)
  • Allocation of individual member benefits to Black, Indigenous or other individuals of color seeking to join the Network. (by Climate Resilience Consulting)
  • Collaboration on thought pieces on integration of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion into Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure. (WSP)
  • Integration of organizations’ information sharing platforms. (Georgetown Climate Center and NIACS)
  • Deep ASAP Member Discounts at institutional events. (The Collider)

Every organizational membership is custom built to align ASAP programs and benefits with your organization’s expertise and needs. Talk with us today about joining.

I’m in! How do I sign up?

If you run into any snags, please reach out to or call us for help at 734-219-3529!

Keep me posted! Where can I learn more?

Keep up with the ASAP Network through our website, Facebook Page, LinkedIn and by getting in touch with our team at We look forward to meeting you soon!

What is an Adaptation Professional?

What makes someone an adaptation professional? Because of the nature of adaptation work, it may be difficult to pinpoint your place in the field. ASAP is here to help. Let's cut through the jargon, both professional and academic, and get clear on what it means to be an adaptation professional. At ASAP we use a simple answer for the question "What is an adaptation professional?" An adaptation professional is someone who seeks to integrate future climate information into their job. That's it.

Want to dig in further? Consider the following questions on how adaptation aligns with your role:

  • How does climate change intersect with your professional work? Can you think of a specific example of how you're addressing climate change in your job or field?
  • What is urgent about addressing climate change now, specifically regarding your field or profession?
  • How will your job change as the climate changes?

ASAP is a home for any and all who want to evolve their adaptation career - whether you're just starting out in college or 40 years into the field.  ASAP is connecting the adaptation field, find out how we are supporting the people who build climate resilience by exploring our program areas below:

Start Here: ASAP's Field Building Resources:

The field building resources below will help you to assess your adaptation practice and make sure it incorporates the latest thinking on what constitutes ethical, equitable, effective adaptation.


ASAP Code of Conduct
and Professional Ethics

Articulates the values and guidelines for ethical professional conduct in the adaptation field. It is a static document that all ASAP members sign onto to mark their commitment to upholding these standards in their own professional conduct.

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Copy of CCC Dune Restoration

ASAP Living Guide to the Principles
of Climate Change Adaptation

Is a synthesis of existing and aspirational principles of ethical, effective, and equitable adaptation practice. It is a living document that all ASAP members have ongoing opportunities to revise and contribute to. The content draws is a synthesis of field-spanning white and grey literature describing adaptation practice, as well as ASAP member and adaptation community reflections on the state of the field.

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Copy of Blackwater thin layer site.08_17_16

ASAP Knowledge and Competencies Framework for Climate Change Adaptation and Climate Resilience Professionals

Articulates a standard set of foundational knowledge concepts and core competencies that are relevant, and necessary, for all climate change adaptation professionals. The intended users for this framework are climate change adaptation and resilience education providers, climate change adaptation and resilience professionals and students, and other professionals whose role requires they address climate challenges.

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As the climate changes, your work will change too. Don't labor alone. Join ASAP to get connected, get resources, and get prepared.