ASAP Network Meeting

October 27-28

Connect. Celebrate. Recharge

Save the date! Join us September 13-15 for the 2021 Network Meeting.

Thank you for attending the 2020 Network Meeting!

ASAP is more than a professional society. It’s an ever-evolving social impact network where connections between members are adding up to something bigger. Join us in October to connect with fellow ASAP members, celebrate the incredible accomplishments of our network, and recharge to address climate challenges with renewed hope and resolve. Don’t miss this chance to discover the breadth and depth of the ASAP network, deepen your understanding of how and why to engage year-round, and strengthen your commitment to your peers and the work we’re doing together to build the field of climate change adaptation. We can’t wait to see you there!

2020 Network Meeting Resources

Missed out on a session? Find meeting recordings here. Check out the great resources shared during the meeting here. Have feedback to share? Please reflect on your experience here.

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Get ready to make the most of your time at the Network Meeting!

  • Anchoring Sessions:  Running from 12-5 p.m. ET both days, Anchoring Sessions form the core of the Network Meeting. Each day of anchoring sessions includes a framing presentation, panel discussion, interactive small group activities, and ample breaks for networking, eating, and turning off your screen. Check your inbox for Zoom connection information. (Attend as much as you're able)
  • ASAP 101 Live Q&A: Watch or read pre-prepared content, then join these sessions with Member Leaders, Staff, and Board Members to learn more about the inner workings of the ASAP organization and network.  Click on the Live Q&A headers below to review the content. (Optional)
  • Socialize -- Expand Your Professional Network -- Build Personal Resilience: Customize the remainder of your agenda to choose time blocks and session types that interest you. Members will lead opportunities to socialize, engage in professional development, and build personal resilience through movement, arts, discussion, and reflection. You must register separately for the sessions you want to attend in order to receive connection information. Click on the headers below to see session descriptions, times, and registration links. (Optional)

ASAP is committed to creating an accessible and inclusive experience for members, please reach out to Breana Nehls to discuss accommodations.

Tuesday October 27

Do you know you need to integrate justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) into your work but you don’t know how? Have you been fighting for justice, inclusion, equity, and diversity for a long time and are seeking allies for this work? Do you want to understand what justice, inclusion, equity, and diversity mean to ASAP? No matter where you are on your journey, this space is for you to learn, grow, process, and build trust with fellow ASAP members as we commit to leveraging our network and resources to promote justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in the climate adaptation field and beyond.

  • 12:00 Welcome and ASAP JEDI Statement Launch Jacqui Patterson + Vanessa Lueck
  • 1:00   Panel discussion and Q&A Jacqui Patterson, Kim Lundgren, Shameika Hanson, Lil Milagro Henriquez, Galen Hardy
  • 2:15   Break followed by Virtual Networking Lunch/Brunch
  • 3:00   Facilitated Small Group Discussions Sharon Hausam, Aashka Patel, Joyce Coffee, Anna McGinn, Phoebe Barnard, Debra Butler, Jeffrey Meek, Alex Basaraba, Alicia Race, Julie Donna
  • 4:30   Break

You will be able to move freely between rooms to ask questions about whatever activities you are interested in. Check out the links below, then join the Live Q&A to ask questions in real time with member leaders, staff, and board members!

Concurrent session registration will open the week of October 12. You will be able to register for as many sessions as you'd like.

6:00-6:50 State Governments + Climate Resilience Investment, Joyce Coffee
Register here

In this discussion we will uncover state government's ability and responsibility to make a difference in building local climate resilience. What financial strategies can state governments use to help local governments invest in climate resilience? What resources do states have to fund and finance resilience? How can states expand federal pre-disaster funding? What can states do to enable local governments to raise local funds for resilience projects? How can private investment in local resilience be increased? You do not need to know anything about finance in order to contribute to the session and we will not use jargon. We enjoy working with groups comprised of members with different experience.

6:00-7:45  Job Seekers Professional Development Panel, Miles Gordon, Isaac Gendler, Erin De Vries
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Join the COVID-19 Job Seekers Group interactive session that will offer ASAP members applicable best-practices in conducting a professional appearance- this includes seeking, finding, as well as securing adaptation-related opportunities during the COVID-19 era. The session features a panel of seasoned adaptation practitioners who have been on both sides of the interview table. This initial session serves as the kick-off of ASAP’s monthly professional development series revolving around professional job-seekers in climate adaptation. 

7:00-7:50 Authentic Movement + JEDI, Galen Treuer
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In this session we will work to build a community of practice focused on centering justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in our work as climate professionals. After a brief introduction, we will pair off and witness each other move authentically from the place where race and justice challenges sit in our bodies. Then we will come back together to reflect on what came up.

8:00-10:00  Good Grief Network Restorative Session, Lily Swanbrow Becker
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The Good Grief Network is a simple and powerful framework that offers adaptation professionals a home to collectively confront climate grief and anxiety, while building personal resilience and forging a path toward meaningful action through a 10-step process.  A group of ASAP members has been meeting in a Good Grief Network ASAP member group throughout 2020 and we'd love to share this program with the broader ASAP network.  Since March, the ASAP GGN group has met each month to process one of program's the ten steps and during this session we'll be discussing Step 7: Practice Gratitude, Witness Beauty, and Create Meaning. During this session, we will build on the themes of practicing gratitude and creating meaning to create an interactive, restorative, and welcoming experience for ASAP members.

8:00-9:00  Tribal and Indigenous Partnerships, Sharon Hausam
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This session is intended for discussion - among all members - about how we effectively work with tribal and indigenous partners.  What do we need to know about the tribes in our area?  How do we connect with tribes?  How do we ensure their voices are heard?  What challenges do we experience in this work? In addition to providing this opportunity for reflection, input from this session may help to inform ASAP's Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion commitments.

8:00-9:00 Network of Networks Social, Melissa Ocana
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The ASAP Network of Networks Member Group will host an informal networking session in lieu of our normal monthly call. We invite coordinators and enthusiasts of climate adaptation networks and collaboratives to meet and mingle with peers from across the country! This will be a great opportunity to learn more about adaptation networks, even if you are not currently involved in one. We'll start with very brief remarks about adaptation networks and then use Zoom breakout rooms to engage in smaller discussions, rotating every 15 minutes.

Wednesday October 28

Concurrent session registration will open the week of October 12. You will be able to register for as many sessions as you'd like.

8:30-10:30 Morning Yoga with Ned Gardiner
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This yoga session will explore aspects of yoga that can enhance our daily lives, thereby increasing personal resilience.

9:30-10:30  Rural Resilience Barret Ristroph, Jennifer Runkle, Tonya Graham, Joanna Wozniak-Brown
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Much of the focus on climate change adaptation and resilience focuses on urban and suburban coastal communities. This session focuses on rural communities, including tribal communities, who have distinct adaptation needs and may be underserved by adaptation professionals. Through an open discussion, the needs and strategies for rural resilience building will be explored. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in small group discussions on specific training tools or topics such as tribal communities or hazard mitigation. 

You will be able to move freely between rooms to ask questions about whatever activities you are interested in. Check out the links below, then join the Live Q&A to ask questions in real time with member leaders, staff, and board members!

As adaptation professionals we understand the necessity of confronting future conditions, known and unknown. We know the importance of planning at multiple timescales. And we know the value of thinking outside the box to maximize our chances of thriving in a changed world. In these anchoring sessions we will celebrate and take stock of where we are as a field, cultivate a vision for our shared climate future, and brainstorm what needs to happen in order to get there. 

  • 12:00 Regional Adaptation Leadership Award Ceremony
  • 12:45 ASAP's role in creating transformational change, Missy Stults
  • 1:15   Pair reflection and idea development
  • 1:30   Virtual networking lunch/brunch
  • 3:00   Our legacy and our future: facilitated discussion and prototyping exercise. Steve Adams, Susi Moser, John Bolduc, Chris Swanston, Cara Pike, Richard Moss, Robin O'Malley, Lara Hansen, David Herring, Katherine Hagemann, Josh Foster, George Haddow
  • 4:30  Closing Remarks

Questions? Email ASAP Program Coordinator Breana Nehls for further details or to discuss accommodations.

Thank you to our Network Meeting Planning Committee Members!

  • Vidya Balasubramanyam
  • John Bolduc
  • Joyce Coffee
  • Ann Erhardt
  • Patrick Marchman
  • Jeffrey Meek
  • David Merino
  • Dave Nelson
  • Kyle Sullivan
  • Lily Swanbrow Becker