Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The JEDI Committee meets quarterly with monthly focus group meetings. See below for more details on Community of Practice and Accountability Group meetings.

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Quarterly Committee meeting are held third Monday of January, April, July, and October, 12pm - 1:30pm

Questions? Contact Shameika Hanson at shameika.Hanson@tnc.org.

The urgent need to equitably adapt to climate change necessitates the removal of oppressive systems and requires a transformation into a society where we all share in the power and prosperity of resilient economic and social systems. To advance those required transformations ASAP members coalesced to form the Justice Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion [JEDI] Committee.

The functions of the ASAP JEDI Committee are to:

  • Work on integration of JEDI into adaptation, instead of as add-on
  • Extend JEDI to the  larger adaptation world
  • Provide education, outlet and implementation opportunities and support for ASAP members
  • Provide JEDI sounding-board and “check-up” for staff and the ASAP organization

Community of Practice meetings are held monthly on the fourth Friday of each month at 3:00pm ET.

Contact Galen Treuer (gtreuer@gmail.com) to join.

Join this space to discuss implementing JEDI into your work. Through open communication, we will share challenges and success stories. We welcome all who are interested in participating consistently in the Community of Practice to join.

Accountability Group meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 12:30pm ET

Contact Sharon Hausam (sharonhausam1@gmail.com) to join.

This group acts as a sounding board for ASAP Staff and members to ensure that our work holds up and celebrates our JEDI Commitments.

Because of the JEDI Committee ASAP anticipates being more capable of fulfilling the commitments set out in the April 2020 JEDI Statement which include:

  • Using our power to achieve necessary transformational change
  • Deconstructing barriers in our membership structure and engagement model to become more inclusive and accessible
  • Supporting all frontline communities developing adaptation resources from their lived experience and traditional knowledge
  • Ensuring that adaptation resources are accessible and welcoming to all communities
  • Lifting up stories of and empowering leadership from communities and critical areas of adaptation practice which currently are poorly represented in adaptation leadership.

For more information:

  • Navigate to your ASAP Member Portal
  • On the right hand side menu click "Update my profile"
  • Scroll to "ASAP Opportunities" and check "JEDI Committee" under "Member Led Interest Groups & Member Advisory Groups"