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  • Name: Kimberly Duong

    About: I am a project manager for large-scale water supply infrastructure projects in Los Angeles, CA, a major metropolitan area with scarce water resources. My role is critical both for existing and future water supply and security. My PhD research focused on urban drought management with a focus on the southern California region. I worked with the Irvine Ranch Water District's Water Efficiency Department to analyze data for a popular turf rebate program, which incentivizes homeowners to replace water-intensive turf grass with drought-tolerant landscaping. The objective was to draw patterns of adoption from this program that can inform improvements to the rebate program and thus, improve participation rates and/or cost-efficiency. These lessons learned can serve as a model for other water agencies in drought-prone regions to bolster long-term water conservation and improve resiliency to worsening droughts in the face of climate change.

    City: Los Angeles

    State/Province: CA

    Country: United States of America