MENTORSHIP SPOTLIGHT: Searching for Resources in the Field of Adaptation

This week’s Mentorship Program Spotlight highlights a mentee and mentor duo focused on helping an early retiree find a purpose in climate change adaptation. Meet Mentee Carol Anway and Mentor Jamesine Rogers Gibson!

Mentee Carol Anway took early retirement from Boeing to pursue climate change resilience strategic work.  She is a decorated physicist with a Ph.D. in particle physics, with considerable work at Boeing in the areas of experiment design, statistical data analysis, military operations analysis, and systems analysis.  She was awarded “Fellow of the American Physical Society” for her advancements in the field of statistical data analysis.  Changing gears completely, she comes to the climate change resiliency effort to learn, grow, and help the world make the transition.  

Mentor Jamesine Rogers Gibson has a master’s degree in public health and is a strategic, innovative, and analytical Senior Policy and Research Analyst with more than 15 years of experience researching, shaping, and implementing policies and strategies to advance clean air and climate mitigation and adaptation, while maximizing health and community benefits, at all levels of government. To date, her work has focused on: climate risk, infrastructure, energy, health, and air quality. Currently, she is working with Alameda County’s Office of Sustainability to update its climate action plan.  

At the program’s start, Carol searched for resources for further study. As a generalist, she appreciates knowing the full scope of available resources and wanted more obvious and available documentation supporting this new field of adaptation professionals.  

During discussions, Jamesine and Carol decided that Carol could benefit from Jamesine’s experience in vision and mission statement development. Carol’s personal mission statement serves to tighten and focus Carol’s interests and efforts. Carol’s new mission statement covers how she follows the science and communicates it in ordinary language to neglected populations as one of the many communicators needed to bring that out into the world.  

Carol has developed a presentation about what we expect life to look like in 2050 in specific areas and presented tailored versions at Rotary Duluth, Rotary Bozeman, Rotary Bozeman, Sunrise, and Bozeman Bridger Ski Foundation.  

Jamesine’s expertise has helped Carol’s current work by allowing her to focus on aspects of sustainability and adaptation that really resonate with her background.  Carol is working freelance on science communication to conservative church populations in Montana.  

If anyone is looking for an engaging and informative speaker with an optimistic outlook to the future, contact Carol.  Thanks to Carol and Jamesine for sharing their experience!