Investing in Adaptation and Resilience Jobs

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ASAP is committed to creating equitable access to adaptation and resilience jobs, ensuring quality job performance, and promoting consistent adaptation and resilience outcomes from the work that adaptation professionals perform. And while adaptation jobs are rapidly expanding, we hope that demand for the work will grow even faster.  That’s why, more than ever, we need a greater shared understanding of adaptation jobs, the adaptation workforce, and adaptation careers. That’s where ASAP comes in. Check out how members and staff are:

  • Getting adaptation jobs information to members of Congress.
  • Sharing stories and perspectives in the media about adaptation careers
  • Measuring the adaptation workforce
  • Connecting adaptation employers and job seekers

Fact Sheet Highlights Adaptation Jobs

Read the Environmental and Energy Study Institute Climate Jobs Fact Sheet

Adaptation and resilience is a rapidly growing area of employment, with jobs spanning a large number of industries in every sector. We need better data on the workforce and its needs to create equitable access to adaptation and resilience jobs, ensure quality job performance, and promote consistent adaptation and resilience outcomes from the work. Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI)’s 2021 Climate Jobs Fact Sheet sheds light on adaptation jobs, promoting greater federal investment in the adaptation workforce. New this year, EESI staff person and ASAP member Anna McGinn collaborated with ASAP member Maria Hart and ASAP staff on a companion article describing what we know and what we still have to learn about the adaptation workforce. The article uses ASAP’s Adaptation Jobs Database, which Maria developed using Burning Glass and ASAP’s job board guidelines. 

“It is critical that we have a workforce that is trained in and knowledgeable about addressing climate impacts, and that we understand how these jobs are distributed across the economy. With that information, policymakers can make better decisions about deploying the training and resources to support this critical, growing workforce. It is important and exciting to be able to share ASAP job data with EESI’s Congressional audience, and we look forward to continued work together.”

-Daniel Bresette, Executive Director, Environmental and Energy Study Institute

What We’re Reading

In this Hothouse series, ASAP members and staff, including Kevin Doyle, Breana Nehls, and Beth Gibbons, share their perspectives on professional certifications, continuing education, and where and how to find jobs. Check it out! 

By the Numbers

ASAP is your go-to source of information about the climate adaptation workforce. Our jobs database and our member survey are uncovering critical insights about adaptation jobs for employers, job seekers, and policymakers. 

1,012 Number of adaptation jobs advertised in 2019
1,248Number of adaptation jobs advertised in 2020
52% Percentage of ASAP members who have worked in adaptation for six years or longer.

Want to access our data? Interested in partnering on or sponsoring ASAP’s adaptation workforce activities? Contact ASAP Deputy Director Rachel Jacobson.

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