How You Strengthened the ASAP Nework in 2021

As a social impact network, ASAP relies on our members as leaders, partners, and collaborators in everything we do. Your participation in the member survey cultivates and affirms the essential elements of network culture that we strive to nurture –reciprocity, open access, something for every member, and, most importantly, trust– while also helping us shape ASAP’s services and programs.

Here are some milestones you helped us reach this year with your input from the 2021 member survey: 

  1. We completely revamped our social media presence to make it easier for all of us to share and celebrate our individual and collective climate adaptation accomplishments and ideas. Check us out on LinkedInTwitterFacebook, and YouTube!
  2. We began offering more education and training opportunities on a more frequent basis, like Principles of Quality AdaptationClimate Migration Workshop, and Private Sector Climate Service Providers Academy.
  3. We began offering ASAP 101 Orientation bi-monthly so that no matter how long you’ve been involved in ASAP you have a warm and welcoming space to meet fellow members, find your niche, and make the most of your member benefits.