Welcome our new ASAP Board of Directors!

The American Society of Adaptation Professional is thrilled to announce the appointment of two new directors to our Board of Directors. These two new directors, Emily Wasley and Julia Kim, will join seven seated Board Members for an initial three year term of 2019 through 2022. Emily and Julia join the ASAP Board at an exciting time for our organization. As we continue to seek out new and meaningful ways to fulfill our mission of supporting and connecting climate adaptation professionals to advance excellence and innovation in the field of adaptation. We welcome these highly respected and dynamic adaptation thought leaders and look forward to continuing to learn with them and from them in the years to come.

Julia Kim leads the Climate Change Team at the Local Government Commission, a California-based non-profit working to advance transformative policies and build livable communities. Julia partners with public agencies and community leaders r on place-based resilience initiatives while supporting the advancement of the adaptation field at-large. Her current portfolio includes some of California’s most prominent adaptation programs, including the Alliance of Regional Collaboratives for Climate Adaptation (ARCCA) and the biennial California Adaptation Forum.In addition to her service with ASAP, Julia serves on several advisory committees including UCLA’s Climate Change Heat Impacts Community Advisory Committee and the 2019 California Climate Action Planning Conference Steering Committee, and has previously served as a board member with EarthTeam and the Women’s Environmental Network.

Emily Wasley has over 15 years of experience as a climate adaptation and resilience expert and is currently the Direct of Cadmus’ Corporate Sustainability and Climate Resilience practice. She manages an interdisciplinary team with the technical, policy, and strategic planning expertise to help clients reduce their carbon footprint, understand risks and vulnerabilities, and identify the most appropriate solutions and opportunities to prepare for, adapt to, and thrive in a changing climate.. Joining the ASAP Board of Directors continues a long history of service to ASAP, where she currently serves as the co-chair of the Personal Resilience Member Led Group and previously served as the co-chair of the Projects & Evaluation Affinity Group, and additional volunteer roles with the American Security Project (ASP), Science to Action Committee (S2AC), and both the California and the National Adaptation Forum Program Committees.

Emily and Julia join an esteemed Board of climate adaptation leaders including, Josh Foster, Jessica Grannis, Jennifer Jurado, Eric Mielbrecht, John Nordgren, Jacqueline Patterson, and Missy Stults. In April 2019 the ASAP Board of Directors elected new Executive Committee members including: Missy Stults, ASAP President, John Nordgren, ASAP Treasurer, and Josh Foster, ASAP Secretary.

The American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP) connects and supports climate adaptation
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