MENTORSHIP SPOTLIGHT: Resiliency Co-Learning, Virtually!

Written from the perspective of Erin Bryan, a Mentee in the ASAP Mentorship Program and Madeleine Charney, a Mentor. Was it by chance or design that we live in Central and Western Massachusetts respectively? Either way, we’re glad! Connected by proximate bioregions (Connecticut River Valley and Worcester Plateau) means we are immersed in overlapping culture,…

MENTORSHIP SPOTLIGHT: Making Space for Long-Term Career Visioning

April 21, 2022

Mentee Cameron (Cami) Ramey has a background in climate adaptation, community resilience, and climate change communications. Cami has supported a number of nonprofits with policy analysis and research at the nexus of adaptation, urban planning, and environmental justice. Cami is currently Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Environment Review, where she manages a 12-student writing team that…

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ADAPTATION VOICES: Uncovering Our Assumptions With American Resiliency

April 20, 2022

This is a featured blog from ASAP Member Emily Schoerning, Founder of non-profit American Resiliency. What are Your Knowledge Assumptions? My name is Emily Schoerning. As a researcher in science education, I’ve spent years studying how we acquire knowledge, and what unexpected barriers make it harder for us to learn new things. One of the…

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How You Strengthened the ASAP Nework in 2021

April 1, 2022

As a social impact network, ASAP relies on our members as leaders, partners, and collaborators in everything we do. Your participation in the member survey cultivates and affirms the essential elements of network culture that we strive to nurture –reciprocity, open access, something for every member, and, most importantly, trust– while also helping us shape ASAP’s…

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Preparing the Great Lakes for Climate Migration

March 28, 2022

Two ASAP Projects Lay the Foundation for Socially Just and Environmentally Responsible Growth  By Susan S. Ekoh, Adaptation Fellow, American Society of Adaptation Professionals Over the past two years, ASAP facilitated two projects to advance climate migration practice and research, focused on the Great Lakes Region. One project brought together climatologists, demographers, and housing researchers…

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ASAP and CRC Launch Ready-to-Fund Resilience Toolkit

March 16, 2022

The Ready-to-Fund Resilience Toolkit is Here! Are you struggling to attract investment for your climate resilience projects? Do you want to use innovative finance tools but worry they may carry extra risks or costs? Are you looking to learn how and why to center social equity in your climate resilience projects? As climate impacts intensify…

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