The ASAP Regional Adaptation Leadership Award (RALA) recognizes individuals who have distinguished themselves in the climate change adaptation field through exceptional leadership. It recognizes the fact that deliberate, proactive adaptation, preparedness and resilience-building is a change process, a deviation from business-as-usual, and a courageous act of doing something new and different. At its heart are individuals who make this change happen, sometimes with very few resources. The RALA recognizes distinguished adaptation leaders who approach their work in a strategic, sophisticated, well informed, inclusive, and effective manner. The RALA is awarded in a different region once every two years. The next RALA will be awarded in New England in 2018.

ASAP’s two award programs, the Regional Adaptation Leadership Award and the Prize for Progress, respectively highlight excellence in adaptation leadership and excellence in adaptation practices of communities and organizations. These programs are a critical component of ASAP’s work supporting and connecting adaptation professionals, standardizing and advancing the adaptation field of practice, and fostering innovative adaptation action.


Open RALA Nominations

Carolinas 2018 (Deadline: May 24)

California 2018  (Deadline: May 31)

Great Lakes 2018 (Deadline: May 31)

RALA Winners

New England 2018

Winner: Sherry Godlewski
Runner-up: Mia Goldwasser Mansfield
Runner-up: Grover Fugate

California 2016

Larry Greene