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The ASAP Network is full of leaders and changemakers with diverse backgrounds and types of expertise. Our network includes leaders whose knowledge comes from lived experiences of adapting to climate change, to young people seeking to move themselves and their communities out of harm's way, to people with decades of formal education and professional expertise in preparing cities, restoring natural ecosystems, and caring for the wellbeing of individuals in the face of climate impacts. 

Each year the ASAP membership grows and we want to keep supporting the same great programs that were there when ASAP was a small network, as ASAP deepens its commitment to equity and becomes a bigger, more diverse network.

The Value of ASAP

"I've learned to become a better leader and a skilled facilitator through participating in ASAP. The processes ASAP uses to run meetings are transformational! I've found myself replicating your thoughtful techniques of engaging people in my own work." - ASAP Member

A gift of $25 will.....

Pay for a weekly installment of - ASAP Newsletters and Publications.

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Help support connecting others through ASAP Member Programs including the Mentorship Program.

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Cover the cost of - Principles of Adaptation Training.

Whether you are an ASAP member looking to contribute to the network in a new way or someone who appreciates the work of ASAP and wants to ensure the programs and products reach communities across North America, we welcome and appreciate your donation. 

Your donation supports our core programs like:

ASAP Member

Support Advancing the Field!

"I find the cadence of ASAP's publications to be just about right for me. I like that they collect and distill the most pertinent information/goings-on for the field. The people are the primary reason I continue to participate in ASAP, I love to see the membership grow and meet the new voices that are becoming part of the conversation.

Thank you for your work in bringing the field together!"

Tacy Lambiase

Support the Mentorship Program Making a Change for Professionals!

"I am so glad that I had the opportunity to participate in ASAP's Mentorship Program. As a mentee in my final year of graduate school, the Mentorship Program provided the space that I needed to more deeply and intentionally explore my career aspirations in the adaptation field. Because of the thoughtful resources, guidance, and structure provided by the program's leadership team, my mentor and I had clearly defined goals and expectations for our time together, which l led to more productive and meaningful conversations.

But most importantly, I had the privilege of working with a fantastic mentor, Brian Ambrette! His encouragement and willingness to share his experiences and expertise was invaluable, and I'm looking forward to continuing our mentor/mentee relationship beyond the program. If you are looking for a supportive community of professionals in this field, I can't recommend the Mentorship Program enough."