MENTORSHIP SPOTLIGHT: Between Two Sectors – Finding Common Ground in Environmental Justice and Climate Adaptation Work

Mentee Jomar Rodriguez Ventura currently works as an Environmental Justice (EJ) Educator/Climate-Resilience Coordinator with Mycelium Youth Network (MYN). Through this role, he facilitates learning experiences in EJ curricula such as “Climate Justice 101,” “Clean Air is a Right,” and “Water is Life” for youth in the San Francisco Bay Area. He also serves as a…

ASAP Announces 2018 New England Regional Adaptation Leadership Awards

May 7, 2018

The ASAP Regional Adaptation Leadership Award recognizes that deliberate and proactive adaptation, preparedness, and resilience-building is a change process, a deviation from business as usual, and a courageous act of doing something new and different. The award recognizes and celebrates that at the heart of adaptation innovation and action are individuals who make this change…

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