Supporting Our Staff

Of course, the pandemic is having its impact on ASAP staff too. We ask for your continued patience and understanding as staff take time to care for their own and loved ones' physical and emotional well-being.

The pandemic has provided an opportunity for ASAP staff to mindfully consider the health and environmental impact of a return to in-person events. You can read more about how we have solidified those considerations into operational guidelines here:

  • Carbon Impact and Travel Statement- ASAP acknowledges the carbon impact of staff travel and makes intentional decisions to limit staff travel, especially air travel. Our model at ASAP is to prioritize virtual events that do not require travel and to only travel to events that are in line with our mission and strategic priorities. While ASAP values in-person meetings we are limiting travel for participation in programming and events in consideration of our carbon impact. We encourage other organizations to consider limiting their own carbon impact by hosting virtual events and limiting their own travel.
  • ASAP COVID Travel Policy (forthcoming)

ASAP plans to gradually and intentionally reintroduce attendance and hosting of in-person events and looks forward to seeing many of you this year as public health conditions improve.

Increasing the Accessibility of Our Network

ASAP continues to assess members' accessibility needs and work to address them as swiftly and comprehensively as possible, especially as we experience unprecedented growth. Here are some of the ways we’re working to make the ASAP Network more accessible:

  • Pay What You Can Membership: Pay What You Can is an excellent option for those with limited financial resources or members going through professional transitions to avoid experiencing gaps in their membership services. If you have any concerns about your membership dues, you can always email us at (If everyone who used the Pay What You Can option in the last year had paid full member dues, ASAP would have collected an additional $10,000 in member dues. If your financial resources remain stable, we encourage you to make a donation to help cover the cost of others’ use of the Pay What You Can option.)
  • JEDI Fund: In April 2021, we launched the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Fund. The Fund supports professional development and provides compensation for network contributions for members who identify as Black, Indigenous, or other person of color (BIPOC) or as having limited financial resources. To date, we have raised $6,421 for the JEDI Fund and made 13 awards totaling nearly $3,000. We strongly encourage members to apply or donate to the Fund!
  • ASAP 101 Orientation: Because we have experienced a significant expansion in program offerings AND in our number of members since the start of the pandemic, we instituted a bi-monthly ASAP 101 Orientation. In this space members can get to know one another and ASAP staff and learn how to engage in the network. Sign up for orientation here.
  • Individual Capacity Building: ASAP staff and members host 1:1 meetings where you can connect with people, organizations, and projects relevant to your work and interests and get professional development, career advancement, or job-seeking support. Feel free to email us at to request a meeting.

We strive to make our network as accessible and inclusive as possible. If you have a need that is currently not addressed, please reach out to us.

Our Network Values

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we are proud of the work we have accomplished together as a network. This work is possible because of our network values:

As we continue on this path together, we know that our network will be a space where we lift each other up, find ways to serve the field, and deeply connect across difference - no matter what the world throws at us.