ASAP’s Response to COVID-19

Across North America, and the world, communities are grappling with how to address and mitigate the impacts of COVID-19. At ASAP, we pride ourselves in supporting a dynamic and virtual member network. We know that COVID-19 has impacted each of our members in different ways. 

Though our everyday lives look very different, ASAP is still on mission. 

The mission of ASAP is to connect and support climate adaptation and resilience professionals to advance excellence in this new field of practice. Our work recognizes that the urgent need to adapt to climate change brings into focus the simultaneous need for a healthy, sustained network of professionals dedicated to tearing down oppressive systems and transforming into a more just, equitable, and inclusive society. We are mindfully adapting programs and member services to address current needs.

 If you are an ASAP Member and have concerns about your membership dues, please email us at We encourage you to reach out to us to discuss our new “pay what you can” membership option and with any other questions you may have about recurring payments.

Stay up to date with ASAP

As we all learn to live, work, and play with COVID-19 in our midst ASAP’s engaging and productive virtual convenings are a strength that members are turning to for continued learning, support and normalcy. If you have time in your day to connect with us, we would love to see you on an upcoming member call. See upcoming calls on our calendar

On April 3, ASAP members convened to begin thinking, together, about how adaptation professionals and the ASAP Network could respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The call provided a space to better understand the variety of needs and ideas that members have and how we can leverage our existing resources and network to address those needs and implement those ideas.


On April 17, 30+ ASAP Members joined together for a follow-up call. Members shared their experiences and ideas, then spent time developing concrete ways we can harness the ASAP network to address the challenges and opportunities posed by the pandemic. To this date, the work done in these past months resulted in two groups:

  1. COVID Job Seekers - Led by Isaac Gendler
    The COVID-19 Job Seekers Group is focused on using mutual assistance to help find and create job opportunities for ASAP members during these uncertain times. The group is working on:

    • Curating a professional development series and expanding ASAP’s current jobs board to provide opportunities tailored to job seekers impacted by the pandemic.
    • Creating parameters for a job and contract board to be listed on ASAP website.
    • Brainstorming ideas for monthly professional development series.
    • Hosting an informal networking series as part of their monthly calls. Topics include: elevator pitch, resume, A+ cover letter, professional doloughe, email etiquette, amongst others.
  2. Learning from Pandemic - Led by Emily Korman and Wendy Miles
    This seminar-style group focuses on understanding the different ways humans and the environment have been impacted by different pandemics throughout human history. The group is currently working on:

    • Translating lessons into action by creating trauma-informed approaches to pandemic recovery that can help our communities heal from COVID-19's impacts.
    • Informing their own practice as adaptation professionals to mitigate traumas inflicted by climate change.
    • Defining a problem and creating a white paper about the lessons from the pandemic. The ultimate goal is to share this paper with a wider audience.


If you are interested in organizing around one of the ideas above, have additional ideas to add to the list, or simply want to be part of these conversations, please update your ASAP profile and check the “COVID-19 Response” box under “Member Led Interest Groups & Member Advisory Groups”.

Of course, the virus is having its impact on ASAP staff too, so we ask for your patience and understanding as staff take time to care for their own and their loved ones’ physical and emotional well being.

In addition to maintaining our regular offerings of the virtual ASAP network, including  member and advisory group meetings, we’re here to offer our best practices in adaptive management as well as virtual work and network building. Read Executive Director, Beth Gibbon’s blog post on adapting workplaces in mindful ways.