ASAP Annual Member Survey

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 The Annual ASAP Member Survey is closed until 2024!

The member survey is central to ASAP’s strategic visioning and planning each year, informing the improvement and design of services and programs that help members form new connections, exchange ideas, and construct equitable and effective climate adaptation practices. Thank you for taking the time to share your reflections with us; by doing so you help us build this incredible community.

After you submit your survey responses you will receive a confirmation screen with instructions on how to enter the Survey Prize Drawing. Prize information will be announced!

Sharing information about yourself via your member profile helps us better connect you to other adaptation professionals and the opportunities you need to excel in your work and advance your career. It also helps us track our progress towards our network’s diversity goals articulated in our Strategic Plan.

Here are some milestones you helped us reach this year with your input from the 2022 member survey:

  1. We were finally able to deliver on members’ requests to gather in person again at an enormous happy hour at the National Adaptation Forum.
  2. After years of hearing from members that funding was their biggest challenge, we launched our Ready-to-Fund Resilience Program-- then pivoted the program to respond to the influx of public funding from new U.S. climate bills.
  3. We leaned into members’ desire to celebrate our collective accomplishments via a beautiful member appreciation reception. 

If you encounter any problems or questions while taking the survey, please reach out to Meagan Putnam, ASAP's Program Assistant, at

What does it mean to be a network?

Networks stand out from other types of organizations because they bring together a group of individuals to work collaboratively on a complex problem over time. Networks are driven and guided by members and defined by essential elements of culture that we strive to cultivate and nurture at ASAP. Your participation in the Member Survey will affirm and strengthen that culture!



Reciprocity is central to networks. The adage “the more you give, the more you get” shines through ASAP programs and activities that depend on member engagement, including your feedback.


Something for every member

Networks strive to offer something for every member and rely on democratic principles that support collective, equitable decision-making. ASAP instills these values in iterative, inclusive processes that have direct impact on ASAP strategy and direction.



Open access cultures in which information flows freely. ASAP strives to be transparent with network members, and we ask that you take the time to share your feedback on the member survey.



A culture of trust is critical to the health of any network and it is at the heart of ASAP’s mission. We hope to cultivate trust by translating your feedback into tangible changes to ASAP member programs and services, as well as our continuous efforts to build relationships with and among all ASAP members.


Member Driven

Members lead by voting with their feet