ASAP Member-Led Groups are the heart of our member network. Join a Member-Led Group today to network, learn from colleagues, get support, and share opportunities. Use your group’s virtual space to connect with members anytime, anywhere. Learn more about the 2019 Member Interest Group Formation Process.

2019 Member Interest Group Selection Opportunity

This year ASAP is implementing a new member group formation process. The goal of this new member group formation approach is to increase member engagement with the group formation process and to increase the transparency with which member groups form. We are currently in Phase III  (see details below).

Phase I: Topic Selection – Complete
From November 30 through December 17, ASAP Members submitted potential topics for 2019 Member Interest Groups. Topic ideas could include sector interest such as water, distributed energy, and finance or aspects of the adaptation process, such as communication, decision making or youth engagement. Thank you to all who submitted an interest group topic! 

Phase II: Member Group Refinement – Deadline: January 13, 2019 – Complete
ASAP Staff compiled all the suggested topic ideas and reached out to all who submitted an interest topic to offer members an opportunity to work together to develop a full member interest group proposal. Details in the full proposal include: Group purpose, structure, anticipated meeting structure, likely outcomes, proposed group leaders (if known) and a group contact person. ASAP Members who submitted topics were sent instructions via email on next steps (sent December 21). Thank you to all who submitted an interest group proposal!

Phase  III: Member Voting – Deadline: February 6, 2019 – Complete
If more member group concepts are proposed than ASAP Staff is able to support, then members will have an opportunity to vote on the proposed member groups. The voting period will remain open for two weeks and each member will vote by ranking their top four member interest groups. We used a system of ranked choice voting. Learn more about how we tallied the voteThe voting window is now closed. We will share results soon!

Group proposals included the following candidate groups:

Network of Networks: Coordinators & Leaders of Adaptation Groups
Climate Migration and Managed Retreat
Policy Practice Group (PPG)
Community Adaptation Planning & Design
Think Big: Overcoming Institutional Barriers in Climate Change Adaptation Planning

Phase IV: New Group Initiation & Orientation – March 8, 2019 
All new member groups are invited to an initial meeting for an orientation. The meeting is an opportunity to be oriented to how ASAP supports member groups, virtually meet other group members and leaders, and learn about each other’s goals for the coming year.

Read the 2019 Member Interest Group Formation Process for more details.

Please reach out to Dawn Nelson at [email protected] with any questions about this process.

ASAP Fall Member Meeting

Thank you for joining us along with ASAP Board Members Joyce Coffee and Jennifer Jurado for our online membership information session that took place December 14, 2018! Slides from the webinar are available here: FALL 2018 ASAP Member Webinar

Stay tuned for more details about the ASAP Member Meeting at the 2019 National Adaptation Forum!

ASAP Discount for NAF Registration

ASAP Members receive a $50 discount when you register for the National Adaptation Forum. Contact Dawn Nelson to request and receive your unique discount code.


At ASAP we know nothing can replace shaking a colleague’s hand and sitting down over coffee or beer to hash out your latest adaptation challenge. That’s where ASAP Hubs come in. These place-based groups host ad hoc happy hours, side events at local conferences, and more. Find your hub and join today!

Capital Region Hub
ASAP’S Capital Region (D.C.) Hub provides a venue for ASAP members and the adaptation curious to share drinks and resources, meet new friends and reconnect with colleagues. To learn more contact ASAP members Jessica Grannis or Katie Miller.

Metro Boston Hub
ASAP’s Metro Boston Hub provides a venue for ASAP members and the adaptation curious to share drinks and resources, meet new friends and reconnect with colleagues. To learn more contact ASAP members Julie Curti or Angela Wong.

San Francisco Bay Area Hub
ASAP’s San Francisco Bay Area Hub provides a venue for ASAP members and the adaptation curious to share drinks and resources, meet new friends and reconnect with colleagues. To learn more contact ASAP members Kendall Starkman or Hannah Doress.

Bay Area Hub Adaptation Salon
March 18, 2019 | 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. PDT | @SPUR in San Francisco, CA | RSVP
Join colleagues in the San Francisco Bay Area for an Adaptation Salon! The Bay Area Hub is hosting an Adaptation Salon for folks to engage with one another in facilitated substantive conversations about critical issues in the field. Since the enlightenment, salons have been recognized as a catalyst for intellectual development and insights leading to significant social change and cultural advances. We invite you to join us in discussion in this exciting time! Space is limited for this event and will be available on a first come, first served basis. Please RSVP as soon as possible to secure your space. For more information please contact ASAP Members Katharine Pan or Hannah Doress, Co-founder ASAP Bay Area Hub (415)450-0110 (call/text).

New England Climate Adaptation Network
This group supports and connects climate professionals throughout the New England region, as well as service and information providers from outside of the region that serve New England communities, to share opportunities, resources, news, and events. The network seeks to foster relationships among climate practitioners that span sectors, scales, and geographies. To learn more contact ASAP members Rachel Jacobson or Melissa Ocana.

Member-Led Interest Groups in 2018

All adaptation is local, but ASAP Member-Led Interest Groups allow you to connect with colleagues both near and far to share experiences, work through challenges, identify collaborators, and share opportunities. Most groups meet for a monthly conference call and use the group’s virtual to make announcements, share resources and news, and continue conversations from recent calls. While our new member group formation process is now underway for 2019, these two groups showcase our 2018 activities and success for Member-led Interest Groups.

Private Sector Interest Group
The Private Sector Affinity Group is an exclusive community for ASAP Members active in the adaptation, resilience, and strategic planning consulting industry. The group welcomes members from large and small firms who are seeking to share experiences in the field, identify potential collaborators, and share opportunities. To learn more, contact ASAP member Katharine Pan.

Personal Resilience Interest Group
This 1-year cohort will explore the research around personal resilience, discover various traits that resilient individuals can obtain to thrive under various stressful conditions, and participate in exercises to enhance our own resilience. Whether you’re going through a tough time now, are helping individuals in communities get through recent traumas, or you want to be prepared for the next major life event down the road, come join our journey to explore personal resilience and how we can thrive together through this adventure we call life! To learn more, contact ASAP member Emily Wasley.