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ASAP is Advancing Climate Migration Practice and Research

ASAP is here to support adaptation professionals' thinking about how climate migration impacts their work. As communities, ecosystems, and economies are pummelled by worsening climate disasters, the world is opening its eyes to an unavoidable consequence: human migration. But migration isn't just a consequence of climate change. Migration is also a strategy for adapting to climate impacts; planning in advance for changing demographic conditions is too.

ASAP projects rely on the connection and collaboration amongst a robust group of adaptation professionals, applied researchers, and end-users across sectors and regions. Our current network of project participants includes demographers, climatologists, local, state, and tribal government staff, and industry representatives.


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Participate in peer learning on climate migration and managed retreat, join ASAP’s Climate Migration and Managed Retreat Affiliated Group. View a recording from a past meeting here.

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NYSERDA works with stakeholders throughout New York including residents, business owners, developers, community leaders, local government officials, university researchers, utility representatives, investors, and entrepreneurs. NYSERDA partners with them to develop, invest, and foster the conditions that attract the private sector capital investment needed to expand New York’s clean energy economy, overcome barriers to using clean energy at a large-scale in New York, and enable New York’s communities and residents to benefit from energy efficiency and renewable energy.

GLISA is one of eleven RISAs, which comprise a national network of centers focused on adaptation to climate change and variability. GLISA integrates information from a wide array of scientific fields, develops collaborations between entities with similar goals, and helps inform decision-makers throughout the region with sound science. GLISA offers a unique approach to building climate literacy, long-term sustainability, and facilitating smart decision making across the eight Great Lakes states and the province of Ontario.