WSP Personal Resilience Quiz

We are living in a world of rapid change, great uncertainty, surprises and in some instances outright not-knowing; we are also collectively headed into a world of more frequent, traumatic disruptions; and we are seemingly barreling down a road of transformative change. Adaptation professionals have chosen to support adaptive, sometimes transformative change through their work, and they themselves live in the very communities that are affected by climate change and other acute and chronic stressors. Thus, they are asked to serve those in need at the same time that they themselves must adjust to and cope with the change afoot. Few if any, however, are explicitly trained in the necessary skills to do so.

As a climate adaptation professional, do you ever wonder what personal resilience means and what techniques exist to enhance your own adaptive capacity? Do you ever wonder how resilient you are today? Take our personal resilience quiz, adopted from the Devereux Adult Resilience Survey and the ASAP Personal Resilience Affinity Group to help identify areas of strength and improvement for your own resilience!