The ASAP network runs on the power and dedication of volunteers. THANK YOU for contributing to this community and to the adaptation field.

Mentorship Program 

The ASAP Mentorship Program connects emerging climate resilience and adaptation professionals with accomplished ASAP members. The program provides a nine month framework for engagement focused around the needs of the mentee, and gives the mentor an opportunity share their professional knowledge, experience, and network. We will begin recruiting mentors for our January 2020 cohort in September. If you have been working in the adaptation field for at least five years and are exciting to engage with rising starts in the field, this opportunity is for you! Email [email protected]  for more information. 



Andrew Gunther
Emily Korman
Emily Wasley
Galen Treuer
Gavin Dillingham
George Haddow
Jessica Whitehead
John Bolduc
John Phillips
Jonathan Cook
Josh Foster
Kaitlin Harris
Kelly Pflicke
Kevin Doyle
Kif Scheuer
Kristin Baja
Lara Whitely Binder
Michael Dexter
Melissa Deas
Patrick Marchman
Richard Moss
Robin O’Malley
Sascha Petersen
Sherry Stout
Dr. Tiffany Wise-West

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Advisory Groups, Committees, and Working Groups

Justice, Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity Committee Leaders

Registry Project Working Group

Professional Education Member Advisory Group Members

Code of Ethics Working Group (inactive)

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Member-Led Interest Group and Hub Co-Chairs

ASAP groups, including virtual member-led interest groups and in-person Hubs, are the heart of our membership network — and they couldn’t function without volunteer leaders and co-chairs!

Climate Migration and Managed Retreat

Community Adaptation Planning and Design

Network of Networks

Think Big!

Personal Resilience

San Francisco Bay Area Hub

Capital Region Chapter

Metro Boston Hub

Policy (inactive group)

Private Sector (inactive group)

Projects and Evaluation (inactive group)

Communications (inactive group)

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The Resilience Dialogues

The Resilience Dialogues is a public-private collaboration that works to build climate-resilient communities through facilitated dialogues among scientists, practitioners, and community leaders. ASAP and the U.S. Global Change Research Program work in close coordination on the design, development, and implementation of this effort, along with support from the American Geophysical Union’s Thriving Earth Exchange, the Meridian Institute, and other public and private entities. The completion of our Fall 2018 dialogues marks more than 20 communities served by the program over the past three years. We have heard from many of you that now is a good opportunity to think about how our program can scale and grow so that we are able to bring even more value to more communities. We agree, and are grateful to be able to thoughtfully consider strategic issues like how to successfully and equitably recruit small and underserved communities to participate in the Resilience Dialogues, and how to measure the impact of our program in terms of its contributions to community climate resilience. 

Facilitators (2016-2018)

Barrett Ristroph
Cara Pike
Caroline Walz
Melissa Goodwin
Steve Adams
Anna Marandi
Becky Kreutter
Brad Spangler
Caroline Lowenthal
David Sittenfeld
Ines Pearce
Maggie Allen
Natalie Bennett
Sarah Walen
Sarah Zerbonne

Subject Matter Experts (2016-2018)

Aaron Ferguson
Alessandra Jerolleman
Ann Kosmal
Anne Waple
B.J. Baule
Beth Gibbons
Christina Hudson
Chris Weaver
Daniel Brown
Derek Kauneckis
Devon McGhee
Barrett Ristroph
Emily Wasley
Jennifer Jurado
Josh Foster
Josh Stack
Justin Kates
Karen Metchis
Katherine Hagemann
Kathy Jacobs
Katie Spidalieri
Katy Maher
Kendall Starkman
Kimberly Duong
Lisa Craig
Marcus Griswold
Marni Koopman
Matt McRae
Megan Susman
Melissa Goodwin
Michael Boswell
Missy Stults
Nik Steinberg
Patrick Marchman
Roderick Scott
Saharnaz Mirzazad
Sarah Dooling
Sascha Petersen
Sebastian Malter
Sherry Godlewski
Steve Adams
Ted Wong
Yoon Kim

Allison Crimmins
Arrietta Chakos
Bessie Schwartz
Brian Alexander
Brian Soden
Carolyn Kousky
Chris Bergh
Christine Kirchoff
Craig Allen
David Behar
Don Wuebbles
Dr. Toni Lyn Morelli
EJ Isaac
Ellen Mecray
Eric Dregne
Eric Wojchik
James Knighton
James O’Donnell
Jayantha Obeysekera
John Balbus
John Shonder
John Van Hoesen
Josh Murphy
JR Killigrew
Kathleen White
Kevin Noone
Kristin Riott
Larry Atkinson
Laurelyn Sandkamp
Lesley Jantarasami
Lindy Lowe
Louisa Evers
Lynn Wingard
Mahmud Faroque
Mari Tye
Matt Anderson
Matt Lyttle
Michael Kleeman
Michelle Tigchelaar
Naama Raz-Yaseef
Natasha Udu-gama
Robin White
Ron McCormick
Russell Jackson
Samantha Danchuk
Schuyler Brown
Scott Boylston
Sheri Moore
Sherry Stout
Susan Durden
Teddy Lhoutellier
Terry Fairbanks
Thomas Ruppert
Tim Barzyk
Trish Castranio
William Siembieda


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