Together, we can create the future we envision. Photo credit: @benjaminthacker

We are the American Society of Adaptation Professionals. Every day, we change and adapt, responding to threats imminent and distant, to create a better future. Yesterday, we were handed a new challenge. Today, it’s time for us to do what we do best—adapt.

We’re innovators, we’re rebels, and we’re leaders. We disrupt the status quo for a living. We’re told what the future will hold, but we make a living forging a better future.

President Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord doesn’t change the importance of our work—it’s always been critical—it only changes the support we can expect from the federal level. Relative to the monster challenge of climate change, this obstacle is decidedly manageable. We have been training our entire careers to adapt and respond, and now is our opportunity to shine. We—the American Society of Adaptation Professionals—have a duty now more than ever to pursue our vision for climate resilience. We can rise to accept the obligations our country promised to uphold for its citizens and for the international community.


ASAP will connect and support all people taking courageous action to advance climate change adaptation and uphold excellence and innovation across this vibrant and dedicated field.

Because climate impacts are local manifestations of global change, climate adaptation happens at the local level. Our local efforts will give us best practices and inspiration to drive our field forward. Over the next several months, we will be using our newsletters, website, and a new webinar forum to tell the stories of innovative excellence and advancement embodied by the ASAP Prize for Progress winners and finalists.

You’ll hear stories on everything from restoration and preservation of critical coastal habitat to innovative policy responses to sea level rise. These stories will inspire us to grow our community and pursue our visions for climate resilience, regardless of the obstacles and challenges thrown in our path.

Together, we will build more resilient, prepared, and connected communities ready to face the challenges of today and tomorrow, and we will stand as leaders in the face of climate change.

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