A Coastal Resilience Specialist with North Carolina’s Division of Coastal Management in Morehead City, Christian Kamrath works with local governments and partner organizations to facilitate coastal adaptation and resilience planning in the state’s twenty coastal counties. Previously, he worked on climate adaptation, disaster recovery and emergency preparedness planning with North Carolina Sea Grant, the Hurricane Matthew Disaster Recovery and Resilience Initiative and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. A self-proclaimed weather-nerd, Christian is a former forecaster at the University of Florida (WRUF-TV6), and now a recent graduate (’18) of the Masters of City and Regional Planning program at UNC-Chapel Hill. Christian is also the owner of CK Resilience Planning, an independent consulting firm.

Kevin Doyle is President of Green Economy, an independent environmental consulting firm in Boston focused on workforce development, employer engagement with higher education, coastal management, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. He is the professional development and mentoring consultant for NOAA’s Coastal, Coral and Digital Coast Management Fellowship Programs, Senior Consultant with BW Research Partnership, and Workforce Consultant for the Northeast Clean Energy Council. Kevin is also co-author of several popular environmental career guides for Island Press and leads campus career retreats for Green Career Advisor.

Christian shared that “As a mentee, I’ve come to learn that Kevin is a prime example of a great friend and mentor who is open-minded, engaging and often asks the tough, though-provoking questions. I can’t say for sure, but I imagine he’s a master at games like 20 questions and Jeopardy! His genuineness, curiosity and passion for adaptation and coastal management field are inspiring.”

Three things stand out that they have enjoyed exploring together; the first being the process by which Christian approached different job possibilities and offers so that he could decide which job to take. Second, as independent consultants, they share a strong mutual interest in how to develop and price consulting proposals to clients. Finally, they’ve enjoyed delving into the differences between state government, consulting, advocacy work, academia and other sectors in the urgent climate adaptation issues they both care so much about.

Photo: Kevin and Christian enjoying a sunny day near the Boston Harbor

“We’ve learned a lot together,” said Kevin, “For me, it’s been a challenge to put aside assumptions about what career life in state government, or at advocacy groups, or in the consulting world, and really think carefully so that I can offer nuanced suggestions. I think Christian and I both agreed that career success is tied up in making a measurable difference on the ground for people and the natural world, while not ignoring personal and financial needs.”

These discussions all converged during the time that Christian was applying for jobs, fielding offers from employers, and pursuing subcontracted consulting assignments; a process that concluded with landing a great job as a Coastal Resilience Specialist with the North Carolina Division of Coastal Management earlier this year in September. As a capstone to their mentorship journey, they enjoyed the sunshine near the Boston Harbor, a prelude to the evening’s Boston Hub Happy Hour at the Scholar’s American Pub. Cheers to both for sharing their insights on learning and success!

“One thing I’ve learned about Christian that I really admire is the fact that he clearly takes climate adaptation work very seriously but doesn’t take himself seriously at all. He has such a good sense of humor about himself and the human comedy in general that I find refreshing and fun. If he lived here in Boston, he’s exactly the kind of person I’d choose to hang out with.”

We’re so glad our Mentorship Program participants are finding camaraderie in the adaptation field!