Climate Change Adaptation Workshops: A Planning Guide for Local Government Staff

Alameda County has just released “Climate Change Adaptation Workshops: A Planning Guide for Local Government Staff.” This guide and related resources (including sample workshop agendas) are available on

This guide is intended to support local government employees (not only those in sustainability roles) who are concerned about how climate change will affect the residents they support. The guide provides a step-by-step approach to jumpstart adaptation response with a single half-day workshop. The goal of the workshop is to help teams identify feasible, near-term steps to prepare for a climate impact that will affect local residents, such as increased heat waves or wildfires. The guide offers tips from our experience advancing work with limited resources and bringing stakeholders together to prepare for climate change in a way that fits into existing organizational goals and structures.

For ASAP members in local government — We hope that you can use this guide to jumpstart climate adaptation and resilience projects in your jurisdiction and would love to hear about your experience if you use it. We hope you’ll consider sharing with colleagues in any applicable divisions, such as planning, parks, fire, library, public health, human services, public works, or emergency preparedness.

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