The American Society of Adaptation Professionals is pleased to have hosted this webinar on Wednesday Aug. 5th, 2015.  The webinar provided a sneak peak at the new ASAP Portal on the Georgetown Climate Center’s Adaptation Clearinghouse. 




Jessica Grannis, the adaptation program manager at the Georgetown Climate Center (GCC),  presents a new portal they are developing for ASAP members on the Adaptation Clearinghouse ( in partnership with ASAP.  The new member-only ASAP portal on the Clearinghouse will allow members to share resources, rate resources, and access a library of resources organized for ASAP users and featuring resources highly ranked by other ASAP members.  GCC will also use ASAP-expert-user ratings and feedback to  curate the Clearinghouse library and identify those seminal resources that are most useful to practitioners generally.  As a result of this partnership, ASAP members can benefit from and contribute to building a curriculum of adaptation practice.  Our goals are to create a tool and a venue for ASAP members to share and learn from each other, and to leverage the expertise of ASAP members to identify seminal adaptation resources to help the broader adaptation community quickly and easily identify the most relevant resources for their adaptation planning and implementation needs. We are hoping that through this partnership we can create a sustainable tool that can help build the expertise of the adaptation community over the long term.

You can help GCC and ASAP develop this tool in a couple of ways:

(1)    Volunteer to be part of an expert advisory panel to inform the design and functionality offered through the ASAP portal – this will be a small contribution of time 1-2 hours per month for 3 months. Message Jessica through the ASAP Site.

(2)    Take a survey to identify adaptation resources you have found useful in your practice areas (which will take about 30 minutes to complete):

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