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Date(s) - 09/08/2016
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT



Growing Emission of Methane from the Warming Arctic Ocean? Year-round Satellite Data
Thurs. September 812:00–1:00 pm ET (9:00–10:00 am PT)
Warming of the Arctic stimulated speculations about dissociation of methane hydrates in the Arctic seabed and a new climatic positive feedback that could induce a run-away global warming. Measurements of methane concentrations over the Arctic seas are rare and non-systematic. Here, for the first time, methane low tropospheric satellite data, provided by the NOAA retrieving code NUCAPS over the Arctic from AIRS/Aqua, IASI/MetOp-A, and IASI/MetOp-B were validated and analyzed. This webinar will review the data.

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