2022 Member Led Interest Group Formation

Whether you joined ASAP yesterday or are a founding member, we need you to define and lead ASAP’s 2022 Member-Led Interest Groups. 

Member Led Interest Groups are virtual spaces where ASAP members connect, discuss, and advance important adaptation topics in a supportive peer-led environment. Members drive the group’s purpose and process, which varies from webinar-style presentation and discussion to co-creation of professional guidance resources.  Member Led Interest Group focus areas and topics are democratically chosen each year by ASAP members using a multi-stage application process and ranked choice voting.


What do you wish you could dedicate more time to discussing with your colleagues? Submit it as an interest group topic and read on to learn more about the group formation process!

Learn more about current and previous Member Led Interest Groups

Please reach out to ASAP Program Manager, Breana Nehls, with any questions.

Formation Process Details

Phase I: Topic Selection - Submissions due October 11

ASAP Members have until October 11th to submit potential topics for 2022 Member Led Interest Groups. Topic ideas may include sector interest such as water, distributed energy, and finance or aspects of the adaptation process such as communication, decision making, or youth engagement. Submit your topic idea in 1-2 sentences using this form. You must submit a topic in order to advance to the next stage.

Phase II: Group Concept Development - Applications due November 22

ASAP Staff will reach out to any members who submitted similar topics to offer an opportunity for members to collaborate on submission of a full application. Topic submitters will receive detailed instructions on how to submit, and what to include, in their full applications. Applications will ask members to describe things like the group purpose, structure, anticipated meeting format, likely outcomes, and proposed group leaders. ASAP Staff will invite topic submitters to view a recorded application guidance presentation and join a live Q&A in early November. 2021 groups interested in renewing will be able to submit revisions to their 2021 applications in lieu of full applications.

Phase  III: Member Voting - December 7 to December 27

If we receive more group applications than we are able to support in 2022, members will democratically choose, through multi-winner ranked choice voting, which groups receive support. ASAP Staff is in the process of determining how many groups we can support, in conjunction with our program planning for the upcoming year, and will announce that number prior to the close of the application development period.

Phase IV: New Group Initiation & Orientation - Orientation Early January 2022

All members interested in leading or participating in the selected 2022 Member Led Interest Groups will be invited to an orientation meeting in early January 2022. Participants will learn about groups’ plans for the coming year, hear what support ASAP staff can offer to help you build successful group experiences, and begin planning for the groups’ first meetings in February 2022.