Connecting and Supporting the People Who Build Climate Resilience

The American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP) is the professional home for people who are preparing for climate impacts in their jobs, in their communities, and in their fields of practice. Find out how we’re connecting and supporting the people who build climate resilience.

ASAP Connects

ASAP Hubs and Member-Led Activities are the heart of our membership network. Through these flexible activities members connect to advance the adaptation field, forge professional partnerships, enhance their professional networks, and stay informed about leading practices. Discover and connect with like-minded colleagues. Find your perfect member group or event to receive and share insight, support, and professional opportunities with other adaptation professionals just like you.

ASAP Lifts up Member Voices

Read member stories and accomplishments and share your own. Experience how ASAP members are transforming the way adaptation is viewed in the U.S. through our pragmatic, optimistic, and equity-centered approach to addressing climate impacts.

ASAP Serves

ASAP provides guidance on the best practices in the field of climate change adaptation, partners with the leaders in information delivery, and keeps members up to date on leading practices.

  ASAP Advances Adaptation Careers

  Through the ASAP Mentorship Program, Living Guide to the Principles of Climate Change Adaptation and Online Training Opportunities ASAP Members receive benefits that fit their schedule, learning style, and career phase. Excel in your current job or find a new one. Discover what it means to work in the field of climate change adaptation.

We Are “The People People”

Adaptation professionals across North America are connecting on ASAP. See what people are saying about the benefits of being a member.

Megan OGrady - Stratus Consulting
Megan O’Grady | Stratus Consulting
Boulder, CO

“ASAP helps me stay on top of the innovations in the adaptation field so I can tailor my knowledge to fit clients’ needs.”

Lisa Lin - City of Houston
Lisa Lin | City of Houston
Houston, TX

“I joined ASAP to learn about the latest efforts in adaptation planning in other cities.”

Ben Alexander - Headwaters Economics
Ben Alexander | Headwaters Economics
Bozeman, MT

“ASAP provides the quickest way for me to stay networked and keep up with the best adaptation science and practice.”

John Bolduc - City of Cambridge
John Bolduc | City of Cambridge
Cambridge, MA

“ASAP connects me with emerging practice of planning and preparing for climate change, which is an urgent matter for all of us.”

Susanne Moser - Moser Research and Consulting
Susanne Moser | Moser Research & Consulting
Santa Cruz, CA

“It’s people who create change. That’s why I am a member of ASAP.”

Missy Stults | University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

“The opportunity ASAP provides to meaningfully engage with thought leaders and practical experts in adaptation is unparalleled.”