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Adaptation Field Review – Promising Practices

ASAP members are invited to participate in a rapid review of the (1) best practices, (2) needs, (3) and existing resources across the climate adaptation field in the United States. We are preparing the initial review of resources and insights on best practices and needs ahead of the National Adaptation Forum. During the Forum we will provide an opportunity to further refine the resource lists and identify best practices and needs. We hope that you will participate in this review in one or all of the following manners:

Let’s Talk Climate: Messages to Motivate Americans

ecoAmerica has developed market-tested messages about climate change solutions to engage Americans across political and demographic groups. This climate messaging platform employs research methods to test specific words, phrases, and narratives that link climate change to mainstream American values and concerns. ecoAmerica also created several thematic messages to tap into personal interests and affiliations including: Health, Faith, Business, Communities, and Higher Education.