ASAP Hubs and Member-Led Activities are the heart of our membership network. Through these flexible activities members connect to advance the adaptation field, forge professional partnerships, enhance their professional networks, and stay informed about leading practices.


ASAP Hubs are place-based groups of ASAP members who communicate regularly, and host semi-annual in-person meet-ups. Hubs are led by ASAP Ambassadors, who commit to coordinating activities in their Hub, growing their Hub, taking on geography-specific leadership roles in the wider ASAP community (e.g. – chair the Regional Adaptation Leadership Award Selection Committee in their region), and communicating regularly with the ASAP office. In addition to the benefits available to all Member-Led Activities, ASAP Hubs have access to microgrant opportunities for in-person activities in their region or locality, as well as network mapping services.

Group logo of Metro Boston Hub
53 members

Network in person with Boston-area ASAP members

Group logo of San Francisco Bay Area Hub
24 members

Network with ASAP members online and in-person at local and regional events in the San Francisco Bay area.

Group logo of Capital Region Chapter
42 members

Formed in 2017 the D.C. or Capital Region Chapter of ASAP meets on a regular basis and provides a venue for ASAP members and the adaptation curious to share drinks and resources, meet new friends and reconnect […]

Group logo of New England Climate Adaptation Network
78 members

This regional group of the American Society of Adaptation Professionals supports and connects climate professionals throughout the New England region, as well as service and information providers from outside of […]

Group logo of ASAP Houston Resilience Team
26 members

The ASAP Houston Resilience Team is braintrust of ASAP and non-ASAP members interested in volunteering their time, expertise, energy and connections to support resilience efforts in the Houston Region post […]

Member-Led Activities

ASAP Member-Led Activities take many forms. Some activities are ongoing, while others are term-limited with specific deliverables driving the activities of the convening members. Some activities function like shared interest groups or Communities of Practice, with members connecting on specific adaptation topics to stay informed and improve their professional practice.
All Member-led Activity groups have the option to have the Member Services and Communications Coordinator set up and participate on calls, then report back to ASAP team on what the groups are doing. The MSCC will be the only ASAP staff on the calls, unless otherwise specified.

Group logo of Policy
197 members

Build recognition of ASAP as a source of expertise on adaptation-related policy issues. Proactively identify new opportunities to increase public awareness; highlight policy issues relevant to the larger ASAP […]

Group logo of Private Sector
46 members

The Private Sector Affinity Group is an exclusive community for ASAP Members active in the adaptation, resilience, and strategic planning consulting industry. The group welcomes members from large and small firms […]

Group logo of ASAP Innovation Room – All Hazards Planning and Resilience
59 members

Group discussion about the role of All Hazards Planning in building climate resilience. What are the strengths, challenges, opportunities with this approach.

Group logo of Projects and Evaluation
221 members

The ‘on-the-ground’ leg of ASAP designed to help local practitioners (local governments, regional entities, state agencies, etc.) create, monitor, evaluate, and structure their climate adaptation efforts.

Group logo of Personal Resilience
23 members

Have you ever wondered how certain individuals thrive in the face of acute or chronic stresses? Well…you’re not alone! As an active member in the adaptation field, we are already intimately aware of the cha […]

Group logo of Innovations in Building Resilient Communities
6 members

This group is designed to serve the attendees of the ISC Workshop on Community Resilience hosted in Denver, CO.

Group logo of Communications
103 members

The collective voice for adaptation in the United States, the Communications Affinity Group helps ASAP develop a clear voice as a professional association. We also identify what communication materials our members […]

Group logo of Information
137 members

Build awareness of existing and useful adaptation information providers and facilitate the closure of content gaps through provider partnerships with new and existing providers.

Group logo of Research
164 members

Explore ways to expand both the development of adaptation-related research across disciplines and the connection of research findings with the practice of adaptation across the United States.

Group logo of Code of Ethics and Conduct
8 members

In support of our affinity group and the process to draft and make public at NAF a proposed code of ethics and conduct for the field of adaptation. The affinity group will continue to meet monthly and to refine […]

Group logo of Regional Adaptation Forum Coordinators
11 members

Group discussion for leaders of Regional Adaptation Forums to share approaches to hosting advisory and program committees, developing session agendas, recruiting sponsorship, and bringing on partners. This is also […]

Group logo of TEST: 2019 National Adaptation Forum – Know Your Committee Colleagues
37 members

A potential forum for the NAF Steering Committee and Program Committee Members to interact, share resources and maintain ongoing dialogue in the run up to the 2019 NAF. Thoughts and reactions?


How to Launch an ASAP Member-Led Activity

Launching and leading an ASAP Member-Led Activity has many benefits! They include:

  • Powering your passion with people by deepening your connections with like-minded adaptation professionals on specific topics of interest
  • Activating your ideas with ASAP infrastructure: you’ll have access to ASAP tools for connecting and collaborating, such as G-Suite, Zoom, and the ASAP web platform. You’ll also get ASAP administrative and staff support for group communications and outreach to new members.

Launching a new ASAP Member-Led Activity is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Develop a short description of the activity you would like to lead (see examples below).
  2. Confirm at least 5 other ASAP Members are interested in participating in the activity (if you need help reaching out to others contact ASAP staff for support).
  3. Submit your Member-Led Activity description and member list to the ASAP Member Services and Communications Coordinator.
  4. ASAP staff will work with you to identify a meeting date for a launch of the activity and begin including regular meeting announcements in the ASAP newsletter, on the ASAP Website, and through a direct mail campaign to members.
  5. Host your first meeting, then keep the momentum going!
  •         Host regular meetings. You decide how often your group should meet.
  •         Communicate regularly with ASAP staff about group activities, progress, and needs.
  •         Participate in bi-annual joint leadership meetings with other Member-Led Activity Chairs, ASAP Staff, and the ASAP Board of Directors.

ASAP Hubs and Member-Led Activities are the heart of our membership network. Through these flexible activities members connect to advance the adaptation field, forge professional partnerships, enhance their professional networks, and stay informed about leading practices.

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